April Favourites …


This month has seen me revisit a few old favourites that had slipped out of use.

The first of these is Headrush from Bedhead by TiGi.  I love this.  I have a lot of hair that tends to frizz at the slightest hint of moisture in the atmosphere, and this superfine shine spray is great for finishing off my hair.  It also has a fantastic smell!

Next, is a new product for me and came in this month’s Birchbox, and it is the Parlor detangling leave-in conditioner by Jeff Chastain.  Spray this on to wet hair and blow dry as normal.  It removes all fly aways and leaves the hair smooth and soft.  This is something I will be purchasing in the full size.

Another old favourite is a perfume, Lancome’s La Vie est Belle.  I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea as it is quite a powerful scent, but I love it.  It is one of those perfumes that stays on your clothes and doesn’t disappear quickly like some fragrances.

Recently, my lovely son bought me some products from Kiehls, and this has become one of my new favourites.  Creme de Corps is a body cream that leaves the skin sooo soft. Love it, love, love it!


Finally, the last two products come from Clinique.  I was interested to try the Chubby in the Nude foundation stick, as it seemed like a great idea, especially for travelling.  I have always like the Chubby Sticks for eyes and lips and the foundation sticks are really great too.  My shade is 02 Abundant Alabaster and I will be taking this on my next trip.  To compliment this, I have also bought the new Buff Brush and this brush is brilliant for buffing in foundation, blusher or bronzer.  I have tried loads of different foundation brushes and I think this one seems to have the edge on all of them.


So that’s it for April.  Now looking forward to the summer and some sunshine.






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