Favourite nail polishes for summer…

It’s summer and there are so many beautiful nail polishes available to brighten up your summer look.

Here are a few of my favourites for Summer 2016.

Rimmel Danny Boy Blue

2016-04-23 16.57.51



This is a beautiful cobalt blue, which is definitely in vogue this season, that gives  a great pop of colour if you are wearing white or black.  I like to pair it with a scarf, bag or jewellery.



L’Oreal Nymphea




Nymphea is a bright, beautiful pink.  It has a high shine and looks terrific if you are wearing black, white or navy.




Bourjois So Laque Rouge Escarpin

2016-05-14 18.06.53



Actually, this is a dark red and I wear this a lot in the winter months, but heh, when is it not fashionable to wear a red nail or lipstick.




Nails Inc William Mews and Lancaster Grove

Odd names for a polish, but a gorgeous turquoise to ring the changes, and a fabulous very pale pink/white that I absolutely adore.

Rimmel Coralicious





Who doesn’t like a coral polish on their suntanned toes in summer.  I know I do, and this polish has a high shine to go with it.



Just an afterthought, if any of you are looking for something that little bit different, then why not try out KFC’s new flavoured nail polishes.  These two colours are flavoured Hot and Spicy for the bright orange and original KFC flavour for the beige colour.  Sounds disgusting, but I haven’t tried them yet.  Maybe salted caramel or gin and tonic flavour would be more my scene.

Enjoy the sun if you are getting any.






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