Vive la Sephora!


Recently, I spent a week with a dear friend in the south of France, and one highlight of the trip was when I discovered a branch of Sephora in Avignon.  This was my first ever visit to Sephora as we don’t have them in the UK, so I was just a teeny bit excited when I saw it.

I have not tried any of the products yet, but I thought I would share with you what I bought.

I had heard that Sephora’s Waterproof eye makeup remover was really good, so that was the first thing to go into the basket.  I will be interested in seeing how it measures up to the Clarins.

As a lover of nail polishes, it was interesting to see their Express Nail Polish Remover, and a different way of removing polish by dipping fingertips into the pot.  Looking forward to trying this.

Next, Sephora’s Bubble Mask.  This is a weekly, detoxifying and oxygenating treatment.  This claims to remove impurities and pollution that tend to make the skin appear dull and also claims that it makes the skin 90% more luminous.  Let’s hope they are right – I could do with a bit of luminosity.


To continue with the luminous vibe, their Luminising Booster with Vitamin C, has fantastic claims that it 100% will give the skin a healthy glow if used in a 14 day cycle.  So I will shortly be looking very radiant and healthy!  Watch this space.

There seems to be an emphasis on skin products and to add more to the basket, I thought the face masks looked worth a go.  I got three – Avocado (nourishing and repairing), Orchid (anti-ageing and smoothing) and Rose (ultra moisturising and brightening) – oh my goodness, my skin is going to be so radiant!


Finally, I picked up a bronzer. Sephora’s Shimmering Bronzing Powder is a beautiful blend of three colours.  Slightly shimmering, but not too much in your face.  Looks perfect the summer.


So I am no longer a Sephora virgin, and will try everything out and let you know how I find these products.

France was fun, but the weather, ironically, was much sunnier in the UK.  C’est la vie!



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