L’Oreal’s Pure Clay Masks…


IMG_0799Recently, L’Oreal released their new Pure Clay Masks range.  There are three different masks that tackle different skin care issues.  I have tried all three and I have to say that I really like them.

The first mask that I tried was the Pure Clay Glow Mask.  This is designed to exfoliate the skin with Red Algae and to illuminate dull and uneven skin tone.  As I have only used the product once, it is a little too early to tell if this will be the case, but it did leave my skin feeling really clean and glowing, so I have high hopes for this mask.

The next one I tried was the Purity Clay Mask.  This contains Eucalyptus and aims to purify and mattify oily, shiny skin.  I have mature, dehydrated skin, but do have an oily T zone, so next time I use this I will just apply to the T zone.

The final mask is the Pure Clay Detox Mask.  This mask uses charcoal to draw out impurities and clarifies normal, congested skin.  This mask is definitely my favourite of the three.  It left my skin feeling fantastic.  I will be using these masks weekly to give them a real trial, and as I have all three, then I think I will be using a combination of them, as L’Oreal suggests.


They are reasonably priced at £5.00 in Boots.

Hope you are all enjoying July and are getting some sunshine wherever you are.

Peace and love Guys XxX



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  1. Esnath says:

    Hey Gail
    The only thing I noticed with these masks is they contain alcohol or at least the one I picked did, how do you feel they work and are the results good enough to over look this slight problem.
    Great introductory post. X

    1. Hi Esnath,
      Thanks for commenting. Yes they do have Phenoxyethanol in them. This can naturally be found in some teas, but I suspect it is synthetically produced for these products. It is an anti-bactericide and preservative and usually used in small quantities in cosmetic products that may otherwise be prime sites for bacteria to breed.

      I have not had any negative effects from the masks thus far, and in fact I am sitting here typing this with the detox mask on (the black one).

      Once again, thanks for commenting. Maybe take a look at my other blog post and tell me what you think.

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