Review of Benefit’s They’re Real Big Sexy Eye and Lip kits….


Benefit have brought out two new products for Autumn and so I hot footed to my local Boots to check them out.  I had heard about the new lip kit and was definitely intrigued to try this out.  A set of four colours  with the liner built in – why had nobody thought of this before?  The eye shadow kit has three duo shadows and a tiny beauty blender to apply two shadows simultaneously.



Firstly, the packaging is really great on these lipsticks and they are nice and slim so can slip easily into those little pockets they put in handbags that are meant to be for your phone, but in reality are too small.

The choice of shades is great, although I am not a fan of an orange lippy because it does not suit my colouring, and I love the fact that the lip liner is built in to the product.  Hence, the shape of the lipstick is a teardrop rather than the usual shape of a lipstick.


Benefit claim that lips will look visibly fuller and sexier, and that it will last for 8 hours.  Quite a claim.  I have tried all four lipsticks and it does have some longevity, but not 8 hours.  Mine lasted about 3 hours, which I was quite happy with as I don’t really mind having to reapply.  Pink ThrillsRevved Up Red and Lusty Rose are three great shades and the texture and feel was really lovely.  The Flame Game shade I found to be a slightly different consistency, it moved around on the lips and I was not so keen on this shade.  The cost of the kit was £24 and I think that was a great price for four lipsticks.



These three eyeshadow duos come with a little beauty blender that you are meant to swipe through the two shades and then apply to the eyelid.  In reality, I found the blender to be a little too awkward to hold. It did apply the product very smoothly and if the handle was just a little longer it would have been perfect.  The colours are absolutely gorgeous and they blend super easy.    They are quite shimmery and there is a warm brown, a pinky brown and a cooler brown, and they are all colours I love.  Benefit claims that they stay creaseless on the eye for 12 hours and they are right.  These are FAB.  I most certainly did not need another eyeshadow palette but I am glad I got this one – I think it is going to be a favourite.  Just  make that handle a little longer and its perfection.


So that’s it for this week folks.  I am really looking forward to the start of Autumn, not least because of all the new launches to come.  I hope you all have a great week and see you soon……xxx

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