My top five eyeshadow palettes…


I have rather a lot of eyeshadow palettes.  I think I need to have a bit of a cull.  The sad thing is, that they all seem to be the same colours – shades of brown.  How original of me.  Occasionally, you see a glimpse of a purple or dark green, and the random dark plum, but generally they are all shades of brown.  Here are the five palettes I regularly reach for on a day to day basis.


Now I know that everybody has this palette, but this was quite a recent purchase for me.  To be honest, I’m not bothered if it smells like chocolate, in fact, I would rather it didn’t because it only reminds me that I want to eat chocolate all day long!  The colours are great and I have used them all – my particular favourites being Milk Chocolate and Haute Chocolate.  They blend well and this is usually the palette I take if I am going away.


I bought this palette last Christmas and it contains 10 shades of mainly brown, one dark purple and a pale pink base shade.  There is also a quite chunky gold that I used over the Christmas period.



A great drugstore palette, and as you can tell from the picture, it has been used extensively.  A great mix of matt and shimmer shades and a black which is great for a smoky eye.


A great little palette, with soft pinky nude shades and a darker purple shade.  This is perfect for travelling as it is compact and has a good sized mirror.  Great autumnal shades.



Finally, this Tarte palette is divine.  I really love it. Beautiful shades of mainly nude warm browns and some darker colours for the smokey look.  A great palette with a huge mirror, so again, this is a great palette to take on your travels.


How many of these palettes do you have?  I don’t feel too guilty about having so many, because they are good value for money!  At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Have a great week and come visit the blog next Sunday. xxx





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  1. We love the Tom Ford soliel palette with cheek colours too but for nudes we are loveing your choices!! Have you tried LA girl nudes they are great colours super cheap and blend beautiful!!
    Have a great bank holiday weekend x

    1. No haven’t tried those YET! Xx

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