My top five favourite nude lipsticks…



Lipstick has been around for centuries and the first known lip applications were in ancient Mesopotamia where precious gems were ground to a fine dust and applied to the lips.  The Egyptians, mainly Royalty and the higher classes used the carmine colour that was extracted from the bodies of cochineal insects to colour their lips.  The use of lipstick has come and gone over the centuries and became popular again in the 1920’s and has continued to be a makeup staple since then.



This is a pinky nude from Clinique that has a great texture and is fairly long-lasting.  The packaging is really good with a lid that stays put.  This is a pet peeve of mine, that some lipstick lids come off way too easily.  Not what you want to happen in your Chanel handbag!  If you have a Chanel handbag that is – I don’t, unfortunately.



This one passed the lid test and is more of a browny nude with a hint of shimmer.  Feels good on the lips and also lasts quite well.



All lipsticks should feel like this one does on the lips.  It just is the smoothest, silkiest lipstick and I absolutely love it.  It is probably not  the longest lasting, but you can just keep reapplying it can’t you!  Also, the lid stays on and the packaging is gorgeous.



A very brown based nude from Ciate.  Great packaging and a very satisfying lid click.  This lipstick is long-lasting and comfortable to wear.



Another dark pinky nude from Urban Decay that is lovely and comfortable to wear and also pretty long-lasting.  Lid stays put!


Random fact – the first swivel up lipstick in a tube appeared in 1923.

Whilst I was trying to pick my five favourites, I realised that I probably have far too many lipsticks and yet I still keep looking for new ones!  Help! I have a problem.

I hope you all have a fantastic week.  Lots of Love…Gxxx




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  1. InTheShadeIvory says:

    What gorgeous lippies,i like the sound of the YSL one and UD.Cant go wrong with a nude lip,i also loved your history facts about lipstick Xx

    1. Thanks for your comment. The YSL is lovelyxx

  2. vanityandmeblog says:

    I like the look of the Clinique one. I’m using an Estee Lauder nude double wear pencil at the mo, but it’s a little drying, even with a sheer lipstick over the top. It’s good for staying power though x

    1. I know lip pencils and matt lipsticks are so drying – i find I cant tolerate a dry lip! Thanks for commenting xx

  3. Nital says:

    These look super. I love trying nude lipsticks and I think I will need to give these a try when I have finished my others.

    1. There is a never ending supply!!😊thanks for commenting❤

  4. Gail Hanlon says:

    It’s quite difficult to find the right nude – I’m forever buying them and now know that a pinky nude suits me better than a browny one. I think I’ll give the YSL a go.

    1. Feels lovely on the lips. Fairly pricey though. I think it was about £28.

  5. highstreetbeauty11 says:

    They all look beautiful. Nude lipsticks are my favourite xx

    1. Thank you. Yes you can’t beat a good nude. Xx

  6. The UD one looks amazing and I love all the facts you’ve put in too! Xx

    1. Thank you! Yes the UD is a great poppy. Thanks for commenting x

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