Review of Bare Minerals Original Foundation, Concealer and Beautiful Finish brush….


I have wanted to try Bare Minerals foundation for a while, as it seems like a very healthy type of make-up that will actually improve the appearance of the skin if used over time.

The Assistant was very helpful and matched the right shade for my skin, and there are 30 shades to choose from, which is fantastic.  To get the best results, I decided to buy the foundation brush Bare Minerals have designed specifically to apply the powder foundation.  To get the best results, I also got the concealer so that I knew the products would not be fighting each other.

Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer SPF 20 Light 2 £21

This concealer is quite a creamy consistency and covers very well.  It drys to a soft powdery finish.  I found the colour was great and it is good to have a concealer that has an SPF of 20.


Bare Minerals Beautiful Finish Foundation Brush £26

I have to say that this is a great brush – the hairs on the inner part of the brush are very densely packed, and the longer hairs around them are longer and more flexible.



Bare Minerals Original Foundation SPF 15 £27

If have tried to get on with this foundation, in order to give it a fair and accurate review, but I really don’t like it on my skin.  I say my skin, because in fairness, this foundation has had to deal with a mature, dehydrated and pigmented skin.  I found it did look patchy and dry, and made any larger pores look much worse.  In fact, I had to remove it every time I used because I really didn’t like it at all.  I was disappointed to say the least as these are quite expensive products.


I will say in Bare Minerals defence, that I am sure on a young and very smooth skin, this would look lovely.  The Assistant said she was wearing this foundation, and her skin looked gorgeous.

So, to sum up – I definitely wouldn’t buy this foundation again, but I love the brush and will be using that for sure.  The concealer is fine, but £21 is very expensive, and there are better and cheaper on the market.

Hope all is well with all of you. 🙂



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  1. lucydorling says:

    Shame you didn’t get on with it, I’m more oily so it doesn’t look dry on me, but can understand what you mean if you have a drier skin type. It doesn’t cover all my pigmentation (only my Korean BB Cream does) but it’s quick and easy to use xxx

    1. I know Lucy, really wanted to like it too.

  2. Is This Mutton? says:

    Very interested to read your review Gail, I tried this product a few years ago and was disappointed it didn’t make my skin look good at all. It’s a shame because the mineral makeup concept is appealing. I find that as I get older it gets more challenging to find foundations that hide imperfections while still being fairly light and giving a radiant finish. Gail Mutton x

  3. I used this years ago when it first came out, I hated it, didn’t suit me at all althouh my daughter swears by their liquid foundation 🙂
    Lyn x

    1. I always want to like products but really did not like this.x

  4. kas adam-westray says:

    When I lived in the states the store I worked part time in stocked this and this was in 2000. In those days the brand was known as “Bare Essentuals” (sorry spelt that wrong! but its spelling is very different). For the girl that has time on their hands it is a great product. They have come leaps and bounds from their initial days and they have brushes that u have shown us for better application. In the days gone by they just had a handful of brushes, no creamy concealer’s either. Everything was powder. Yes the finish was great but for me far too fiddly and u have to be totally committed. It is not to be used for travel …. I know because I took it on a long flight, open it in the bathroom on the plane is better but not at your seat! It blows everywhere when you have your air vent open and travelling in black u look like a spotted dottie clot!!!!
    I used it on and off and still have it in the drawer, but you know as much as I want to love something, this just isn’t for me, which I think the company have found as they have released all types of liquid products now …. makes me think!

    1. I haven’t tried the liquid foundation because I was disappointed with the powder xx

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