Review of recently tested products…

All of the products in this blog I really wanted to love, if not like.  But unfortunately, they have proved to be less than amazing.

I had high hopes for the DCI C Scape Enzymatic Gel Cleanser, and the first few times I used it I thought it was a good product – and it is.  It smells lovely and it obviously does the job.  But, I found I was bypassing it to use other cleansers as part of my daily routine. I will admit, I am now using it to clean my make-up brushes!  To be fair to the product, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I just prefer to use a balm or oil cleanser.


Bare Minerals Original Foundation is a product I loved the idea of.  Something that was actually beneficial to the skin sounded pretty amazing to me.  I have tried this foundation repeatedly with various brushes and including the brush (which I love) that Bare Minerals specifically recommend for this powder, but I really do not like this at all.  It seems to accentuate every pore and leave the skin looking cake and dry.   In fact, I have to remove it and reapply a liquid foundation rather than be seen with it on.  I am sure on a young skin that is practically flawless, then it would work well, but not on my ancient and dehydrated skin!


I have also tried Batiste’s 2 in 1 Invisible Dry Shampoo and Conditioner that was included in a beauty box.  Dry shampoos seem to be really popular with bloggers and YouTubers, but I have to say, they do not make your hair feel good at all.  I have tried this several times, but still end up either washing my hair or putting it up with a clip.  There is nothing wrong particularly with this product, I just don’t like dry shampoos in general.


I definitely fell for the hype over the Dior Pump ‘n Volume Mascara.  I was so excited to try this as it seemed to have great reviews.  At first, it did seem like a great mascara, but after a few weeks it became very difficult to get a good result.  It became clumpy and thick and I have just stopped using it in favour of better, cheaper brands.  It is very over priced in my opinion and I will definitely not be repurchasing this mascara.


I love Alpha H as a brand and thought I would try the Vitamin C with Grape Seed.  I do use vitamin C products but this one had a rather dramatic effect.  I do suffer with mild (very mild) rosacea especially around the nose and chin, and literally minutes after applying the Vitamin C, my nose went bright red and began to swell.  This was quite alarming and I immediately rinsed it off.  It took two days to return to normal and I was very careful not to use any type of product to aggravate the situation.  Since then, I have continued to use it, but only on my cheeks, forehead and neck.  It is a great product and obviously the problem was with me rather than the product.  Just be aware if you have any type of sensitivity, that you may react with this product.


Well, it appears Summer has now departed and I am sitting here writing this in a thick jumper with a cup of tea.  Hello Autum!

Have a great week guys.



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  1. We are writing to you wearing jumpers and drinking tea, as we also feel summer has flown but we have enjoyed reading your blog and we agree with you regarding Dior Pump and Volume mascara the brush just ends up very clogged after few weeks of use…. shame as we were hoping for great things too. M is a fan of Eyeko mascara and V had been swayed by Marc Jacobs recently so there you go!! Have lovely weekend Best M and V

    1. I haven’t tried the Eyeko or the Marc Jacobs – something new to try!! Have a great weekend 😊

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