Jane Scrivner – a review ….


I have been wanting to try out the cleansing balm from Jane Scrivner after seeing rave reviews from another blogger, Rebecca from Rougepout Beauty (link below), who loved it and as I value her opinion in such matters, I ordered myself the cleansing balm, also the skin elixir and OO cream.



IMG_2834 2

This is a cleansing balm that can also be used as a mask or can be left on the face overnight as a skin repair treatment.  It is made from 100% Organic Joboba Oil, beeswax and 9 essential oils. It smells beautiful and leaves the skin clean and soft.  It comes with a fluffy towelling mitt to remove the balm.



IMG_2842 2

A lovely, light oil to warm in the hands before applying to the face.  This oil leaves the skin feeling nourished and calm.  Beautiful.



I have to say, that this a a really excellent moisturising cream.  It is applied over the skin elixir and hydrates and protects the skin.  It is not greasy at all, and seems to work well with the elixir.  

I have been very pleased with these three products and will be trying out some more from the range.

I hope October is going tickety boo for all of you.


Rebecca’s links  rougepout.org  @RougepoutBeauty (both Twitter and Instagram)


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  1. I make my own skincare heaven, but that does not stop me appreciating how you’ve wrote this blog, it’s great and enjoy seeing your work

    1. Thanks Deborah. I really appreciate you taking the time to read it.x

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