Cult Beauty Box by Lydia Elise Millen



Cult Beauty, that supplier of iconic beauty brands and products have recently released and collaboration with the equally iconic, Lydia Elise Millen, to produce a box of her favourite skin care items.  Occasionally, Cult Beauty do these collaborations with illustrious members of the beauty community, and this one particularly appealed to me because I have already used three of the products (Luna, Cellularose CC Cream and the Liquid Gold).  As I love all three of these, I am hoping that the other three products will also be amazing.  The box cost £155 – which seems a lot, but these products are quite pricey, so you are actually making a considerable saving.  If you purchased all the products individually it would cost £292.50 from the Cult Beauty website.


This product is suitable for all skin types and it delivers minerals deep into the skin.  It is a gentle and nourishing and I can’t wait to try it.


I have used this before and it is a great glycolic acid which is fantastic for the skin.  A must for mature skin.


I actually bought this earlier in the year after watching Lydia use it on her channel on YouTube.  It is highly addictive, as it gives such a natural glow to the skin.  I’m delighted that this was included in the box.


Another favourite of mine – I have been using this product for over a year and I absolutely love it.


I am very excited to try this toner from Indie Lee.  It is alcohol free and helps balance the skin’s pH level.


I have tried this and it is gloriously illuminating and moisturising.  It contains hyaluronic acid to help skin stay hydrated.

If you haven’t heard of Cult Beauty before, you can check them out on

Also, if you want to check Lydia’s blog it is

Now I need a spending ban for the next few months  ……. maybe!

Have a great week guys.

lots of love, gail xxx


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  1. Christy B says:

    The illuminating moisturizer sounds fantastic

    1. It is good – but the By Terry Serum is the best!

  2. Such a lush box 😍

  3. Such a lush box 😍

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