Another Beauty Pie purchase …


I ordered a few more bits from Beauty Pie this month, and this is what I got.


This is my second bottle of the Plantastic Micro Peeling Super Drops.  Great for refining and smoothing the skin.  You can use it every day if you have problem skin – I use it about four times a week.


I like to try new products, and so I thought I would try this SuperBrow Pro-Sculpting Powder.  This is a definite NO for me.  Very thick coverage and too dark and difficult to use.  Possibly more suited to someone who likes a very heavy brow.


I use quite a few retinol products, and so far I am liking this Super Retinol a lot.  Obviously, if you are using a retinol product you will need to use an SPF daily as well.


The Advanced Serum-Infusion Biocellulose Sheet Masks I totally adore.  They do exactly what they claim to do.  Skin is definitely plumped and moisturised and feels great.


I have been very impressed with most of the products that I have bought from Beauty Pie apart from the EyeBrow powder!

Have a great week guys.


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