Something different from Beauty Pie …


Recently, I cancelled my subscription to Beauty Pie as I felt I had probably ordered just about everything I wanted from them and so decided to cancel for a while.  However, I have since rejoined because the lovely Marcia Kilgore sent me some Vitamin C capsules to try, and guess what, I found out that I need to get these in my life.  Hence, the new order and renewal of my subscription.

So, because I have fallen in love with the Vitamin C capsules, I ordered some more.  These make your skin feel amazing.  Also, having them in capsule form is a masterstroke because it makes them so easy to use, they are protected from oxygen which will make Vitamin C inactive and unstable, and they are great to travel with as you only need to take the required amount with you.


As many of you may know, I am a big fan of a cleansing balm, and so I thought I would try the Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm.  This is a deep cleansing and nourishing balm and it contains rosehip oil and Vitamin E.  So far, I am loving this too.  Early days though, as I like to try new products for a couple of months before finalising my opinion.


As well as skincare and make-up, Beauty Pie also sell brushes, and so I thought I would get a couple, as well, you can never have enough brushes eh?!


I ordered two of the eyeshadow blender brushes.

I really have been delighted with everything I have ordered from Beauty Pie.  The quality of the products is outstanding and watch this space – I will be ordering more!

Have a great week guys……x


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  1. Christopher Cupcakes says:

    I’ve never heard of Beauty Pie. I’ll have to look into them. Thank you for sharing.

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