Disappointing products


YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

I had high hopes for this mascara after seeing a popular YouTuber saying it was her favourite of all time.  Initially, I liked it – it does give lovely long lashes, but after a few uses it began to feel clumpy and started to flake quite badly.  YSL claim that it doesn’t do either of these things.  It’s a shame, but at £26 I expect something better.  In fact, I have stopped using it and gone back to using Lancome’s original Hypnose.


By Terry Brightening CC Powder in Sunny Flash

I use the By Terry CC serum which I absolutely love, and this powder is lovely, but my main problem is that it started to crumble in the pan after a week of using it.  I hadn’t dropped it, so I was very disappointed to have this happen with such an expensive product. It is very expensive at £52 and I actually prefer the Pro-Strobe Luminizer in Beaming by Beauty Pie which only costs £7.09 if you are a member, and I feel is superior.


Chanel Le Gel Sourcils (Transparent)

I have been searching for a transparent eyebrow gel for ages.  I have tried quite a few high street brands and have not found a really great one.  So I thought I would go more premium brand and give this one from Chanel a go.  At £26 it is expensive and definitely not worth the money.  It is not even as good as the cheaper brands.



AlphaH Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid

This is a bit of an iconic product, with many people loving and recommending it.  However, it doesn’t like my skin at all.  I have only used it once and I’m afraid to try it again as it the effect it had was quite dramatic.  I experienced severe reddening and inflammation with a burning sensation and had to remove it within 10 minutes of trying it.  Now, I appreciate that this is a personal disappointment to me and obviously, most people get on absolutely fine and would highly recommend it.  I am used to using acids and so feel my skin is acclimatised to this type of product, but my skin does not like something in this particular brand.

I’d love to hear if you have had similar experiences or worse!  Leave a comment below if you have. x

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  1. Glad to see you back, such a shame when things disappoint especially as you are buying high end x

    1. Thanks my lovely xxx

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